Wijs West: a Kid Friendly Cafe in Amsterdam

Wijs West: a Kid Friendly Cafe in Amsterdam

So I've found myself lately on the lookout for kid friendly hangouts to take the little one to during the day. What I mean is, I've been looking for a spot where I don't have to worry about if she gets too loud or if she'll be on her best behavior. Rather I'm talking about a location where she can play with toys and games and run around and enjoy herself being a kid. Traveling with a baby is hard enough without having to worry about al of that. Recently, this quest led me to Wijs West. I was told about it by a friend and decided to check it out with baby in tow. Kid friendly cafe's can be hard to find so I'm always eager to check out tips about ones I haven't been to!

Wijs West

Being located on Bilderdijkstraat in the Oud-West district of Amsterdam makes it pretty centrally positioned. From Central station you can take trams 13 or 17. Or if it's a nice day, and since traveling with a baby means giving you both some fresh air when possible, you can do a 30 minute walk there instead.

Stroller vs Carrier

Here you don't have to choose. The room is open and spacious enough that you can bring either. Unlike some cafes in Amsterdam, here you don't have to worry about hauling anything up or down stairs. There is room enough to navigate your stroller around the cafe. Plus, it's big enough for a group of six with strollers to meet up. No lie, I saw this when I was there.

The only concern would be making sure that you snag a table. The place is popular and while the space is large, it's not all taken up by tables but rather filled with things for other activities. In addition to being a cafe, Wijs West also offers many other services in house. I've found that a little convenience goes a long way when traveling with a baby and having many services offered at one place is very convenient!

Services Available


So as mentioned, there is a great kid friendly cafe on site. In addition to beloved caffeine, they also offer a selection of sweets, breakfast dishes, and lunch options for both adults and toddlers. I only had a cappuccino while there but I saw many others ordering lunch and it looked delicious! Highchairs galore for the little one so no need to bring your own.

capuccino, vase and green toy car on table


Besides the cafe the space functions as a store selling children's clothing and toys. Lots of high quality unique gift ideas. This is a great place for finding original items for the little ones!

rack of childrens books and toys for sale

rack of children's clothes for sale

Hair Stylist

Baby needs a haircut? They offer that here as well. A hairstylist specialized in children's hair cuts is available every Wednesday. Reservation required.

Play area

And maybe the best part for the kiddos is the considerably sized play area. They provide tons of toys and games and there is even a really cool chalkboard on the wall. Of course, you can always bring your own favorite toys as well. During different days of the week, there are also workshops in this area. Currently these include story time and yoga for children!

children's play area at Wijs West

I found Wijs West to be a great kid friendly cafe and overall a very adult friendly place as well not too far from the heart of Amsterdam! Have you been? Do you recommend any other cafes in Amsterdam? Leave your experience in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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