Biking like true Amsterdammers

So, we're officially biking it like the Amsterdammers. Cycling is very popular here and usually faster than public transportation. Plus, unlike using a car, you don't have to worry as much about finding a parking space. Although you will come across signs telling you not to park your bike there (geen fiets).

There are many bike paths so you're not usually riding in traffic. Although there are certain scooters that are allowed in the bike lanes and they are not always the most cautious.

Here you'll see familes on bikes and friends carrying other friends. Some people also really like to decorate their bikes. Ours aren't quite that fancy, but they get us where we need to go!

So far we've biked in sunshine and in rain. We use them for our daily commute. I even have a basket in the front of mine to carry things such as groceries. Or, sometimes I put Bentley in there to go to the park or visit friends.

I really don't miss having a car. Well, maybe when trying to haul stuff from Ikea. :) And once we have some kiddos, I can get a nifty bakfiets.

Check out our sweet rides!

Our bikes


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