Top 5 Reasons to Travel with your Children

Top 5 Reasons to Travel with your Children

The idea of traveling with young children can be a daunting idea. There is a larger potential for disaster when young children are involved. Planning and packing is even harder when infants and toddlers are tagging along. Despite the difficulties, there are many reasons why our family has made the decision to not let having a child stop us from traveling.

“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.” - Moorish proverb

Exposure to Different Cultures:

Family travel exposes your children to different cultures. Our daughter is an infant, but she will grow up knowing that there are other people in the world other than those where we live.

Traveling with a baby may be difficult at times, but we feel it is important to expose her early to different cultures. There are so many different foods, music, styles, and languages for our child to discover. Our daughter may discover she loves different styles of food than we serve at home. This is an important reason to travel with our family.

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The World is Huge:

While the saying may be that “it’s a small world," it actually is huge. The world may seem small when we run into a person who went to our college, but it is enormous. Spending time outside of your hometown teaches your children that there is more to the world than the small area they live.

Family Memories:

Making memories with our daughter is an important factor for us. We want to remember her first moment in the ocean and her awe when she sees the sheer size of the Grand Canyon. More than that, we want her to grow up with memories of our time together. We hope she remembers the funny games we played in the car rides and the places we went together. Traveling with a baby and children in general create beautiful memories.

cell phone Unplugged Time:

Technology eats up so much of our time and attention. Children get sucked into the technology trap as well, with TV shows and tablets. When we travel, we are busy, and it limits the amount of time we are in front of a screen.

Family travel means time together without screens and just enjoying being in each other’s presence. Many families are more connected to their electronic devices than each other. We are out to change this with better quality time together.

Teach Them History:

The history of the world is amazing. There are so many places in the world rich in history that we want to show our daughter with our family travel time. Traveling with a baby allows us to go to other countries and discover the landmarks and history behind the locations.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

Family travel gives us opportunities to learn together. Life-long learning is important for our family; we embrace the world together as learners. When we discover new places, we will learn right alongside our child.

Ultimately, traveling with a baby and family exposes us to the exciting life beyond our bubble and opens up the world for our child.

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