Things to do with Kids in Amsterdam: Candy Castle

Things to do with Kids in Amsterdam: Candy Castle

Having a child in Amsterdam means that I am constantly scoping out the kid-friendly things to do. And with this being winter time, I find myself quite often looking for things to do in Amsterdam that are indoors. One of the places that I've come across that is an excellent way to spend a few hours indoors is Candy Castle (site in Dutch).

Candy Castle

From the outside, you'd never know what is hidden behind those massive doors. In fact, if you view the building from any angle other than the front door, you would undoubtedly believe that you were viewing the outside of a church. However, it is, in fact, a very large indoor children's play area. With play areas for children from baby to school aged (0-12), here children can run, jump, climb and slide in a clean, neon bright children's paradise. Everything is clean and new and very, very colorful.

Candy Castle Logo on wall

My review of Candy Castle

Once inside, I can see why children love to play here. It's bright and colorful. (Have I said colorful enough? Seriously, it's like a rainbow threw up in here.) Children can play on virtually every surface. And best of all, there are many different areas to explore. Instead of being confined to one small play area with one or two types of toys, there is a huge array of fun things to bounce and throw and slide around on. My daughter loves to play here and I love bringing her.

Child playing at Candy Castle

  • To get to the area for the littlest babies (minizone), after you pay your entrance and they buzz you through the locked gate, you'll have to take the long walk past the rows of a seating area and the large play areas for older children. Once you reach the back of the massive building and you have run into the "reading area" (some magazines for you to enjoy if for some reason you're not on your phone) hang a right and you've arrived.

Sign at Candy Castle

Baby area is in the back

Baby area at Candy Castle

The minizone area is great for little ones who are just crawling or learning to walk. If yours is a little more active and can climb over the low barrier, then I would implore you to move to the front of the house and try that first play area at the entrance instead. Otherwise, you run the chance of your little one finding the not at all gated and steep stairway that leads to the restrooms, go cart track and themed party rooms in the basement.

downstairs at Candy Castle

Stairs to the basement have no gate

  • Food and drink are you basic standard kid fare. Your options range from fresh fruit and smoothies to tostis and fries. No big surprises here. The selection is decent enough for snacking or lunch. Plus they have wine!

They have wine

  • Restrooms with baby changing area are in the basement.

  • It gets busy here. I went recently when they opened at 09:00 and by 10:00 it was filled.

  • It's also usually quite warm inside. Dress yourself and your kid in layers and be prepared to ditch a few after a bit of playing. Socks are mandatory!

Play area at Candy Castle

Hours of operation

Daily: 09.00 – 19.00


Children 0 - 11 months €2,50
Children 1 year - 12 years €8,00
- Discounted rate of €5,50 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after 16:00

Adults 1st free. 2nd adult €3,00

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