Silke's: A German Family Restaurant in Tennessee

Silke's: A German Family Restaurant in Tennessee

When traveling with a family it can be tough to agree on a restaurant. Family travel can be something filled with lots of great memories. However, it can also include getting multiple people with differing preferences to agree on something. When we were recently visiting family during our vacation in Clarksville Tennessee, it was recommended that we stop in at Silke's German Family Restaurant for breakfast.

This was hands down the best food in Clarksville that we had while we were there visiting. It was also a fantastic place to take a baby as it had everything that you could need to entertain and feed a small child.
Welcome sign at Silke's German Family Restaurant

Silke's German Family Restaurant has a "Kindergarten" children's play area. This area is semi fenced in and has tons of kid's toys to play with. There were blocks and books and animals available for the children to play with. They also had electronic toys. This one was a hit with our baby. She had a blast playing in the children's play area while we ordered our food from their extensive menu.

While many places claim to be children friendly, Silke's actually is. They make children feel welcome and right at home which is evidenced by the large amount of families with small children that we saw eating there for lunch. Something that I look for in a restaurant is a place that my child will feel welcome in. This has to be one of the most child friendly restaurants that we have been to while on a family vacation.

Germany Family Restaurant Kids Play Area

Baby playing at Silke's German Family Restaurant Besides offering some of the best German food in Clarksville and having a great children's play area, Silke's also has hand crafted items for sale. The back wall, in front of the bathrooms and baby changing area, showcases items from around the world that you can take home with you. This is a great place to find a gift that you wouldn't be able to get just anywhere. Silke's Family Restaurant

While the artwork and gifts are a fun perk, the main draw to Silke's German family restaurant is the delicious food. This family restaurant has a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items. And for those of you on specialized diets, this family restaurant also offers vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free menu items. Some of the menu items include: hamburgers, fresh salads, artisan sandwiches, hot soups, and freshly made baked goods. They even have a kid's menu!
Counter at Silke's Family Restaurant

Baked Goods at Silke's German Family Restaurant

For the baby, we chose to get something off of the children's menu. We chose the delicious looking Nutella Brötchen for her breakfast. This was a treat for the baby since she had not had Nutella before. It's not every day that you get to eat something so fun at a family restaurant. The menu at Silke's is anything but run of the mill or boring. With so many interesting options it can be hard to choose!
Food at Silke's German Family Restaurant

I love sauerkraut. I also love trying foods that I've never eaten before. I could not resist trying the sauerkraut pizza that Silke's had on their menu. Even though Silke's had just opened for the day and it wasn't exactly lunch time, they still offered their lunch items to order. For anyone wondering, the flavor of the sauerkraut on the pizza was not overwhelming. It was really delicious and something I recommend trying.
Sauerkraut Pizza at Silke's German Family Restaurant

This plate was from their breakfast menu. A typical German breakfast usually involves a warm beverage such as coffee, tea or cocoa. Foodwise, a german breakfast has bread or bread rolls with various spreads and toppings. In addition to the bread and spread it may include Quark which is a type of curd cheese and absolutely delicious, Wurst (which is sausage), and sliced cheese. Not at all like a typical American style breakfast.

Breakfast platter at Silke's German Family Restaurant

And if the reasons above weren't enough to get you to visit, Silke's family restaurant also strives to do a lot of good for the environment and for their neighbors. They donate a big portion of all of their unsold breads to local charities. Plus, they regularly donate their products to charitable organizations and causes. On top of that, they serve organic and fair trade coffees and organically grown foods to support organic growers and producers.

If you're in or around Clarksville, Tennessee you need to make it a point to stop by Silke's German Family Restaurant. Have you been? Or are you planning to go? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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