Save Amsterdam, A real life (offline) room escape

So Lee and I along with a couple of our friends, decided to try our hand at a room escape game. The trend is becoming very popular worldwide and there are multiple options in Amsterdam. The premise is: you are "locked" in a room and given 60 minutes to get out. In order to do this, you need to solve puzzles and riddles from the room(s) that you have access to. Find the "key" and escape the room. If you get stuck, there is a way to communicate with workers to get hints to help you out.

Before the game. With our thinking caps on.

For Save Amsterdam not only are you escaping a room, you are also saving Amsterdam from zombies. When we arrived for our time slot, we were given a brief overview of what to expect downstairs. Then we were given a "good luck" and sent on our way.

We found some of the puzzles easy and others quite challenging. It helped having more than 1 brain to try to solve the riddles as there were many different ways of thinking. As the website says, you only need basic language skills to play. However, get your your thinking cap and brush off your math skills because it isn't easy.

During the game. Hard at work.

Our group of 4 finished in 42:06! Would we recommend this particular room escape? Yes. We found it quite challenging. How does it compare to the other ones in Amsterdam? This was our first one. So, we can't answer that. However, we shall soon see. After this adventure, I believe that we're hooked!

We did it! We saved Amsterdam!

How did you find Save Amsterdam? Which others would you recommend? Let us know your experience!!


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