Rollende Keukens 2016: Family Trip to a Food Festival

Rollende Keukens 2016: Family Trip to a Food Festival

The Rolling Kitchens came through Westerpark this past weekend. And of course, we were (once again) there. I mean come on, you can't possibly have or go to too many food festivals! Right? Check out below for some of the highlights from this year's edition!

collage of food trucks from Rollende Keukens 2016

So MANY food trucks! It was yet again hard to choose what to try. From vegan to meat lovers, dessert to oysters, there was certainly something for everyone. And I absolutely LOVE trying food. So I decided to sample a bit from a few different trucks. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the amazing Lemon Curd in a jar that I had. You'll have to take my word for it but it was TO DIE FOR!!!

collage of food trucks Rollende Keukens 2016

However, I did snap a pick of the best ceviche that I've had in Amsterdam. It was from a place called MILF. No, not that MILF! ;) This one stands for "Man, I Love Fish!" And they certainly knew what they were doing. They specialize in fresh made ceviches and Baja California Fish Tacos served with bio gluten free tortillas. I hadn't seen this food truck at any festivals before but I hope to again in the future. And if it sounds as good to you as it did to me, you can always book the truck for yourself at Food Truck . And once you do, let me know so that I can come crash the party!

Photo of Food Truck MILF and picture of ceviche

Besides food, there was also some amazing entertainment. This year quite a few of the food trucks had their own stages set up. A neat idea to get people to take notice of your particular food truck. However, in some spots the music started competing with each other.

Besides bands and singers performing, there was also a food truck offering bachata lessons. I thought that one was totally a neat idea. Interaction makes things much more memorable.

Collage of entertainment at Rollende Keukens 2016

And of course, everyone's favorite, SILENT DISCO!!! Seriously, I know that I'm not alone in loving this whole concept. It's such a unique way to experience live music. It's as if the DJ is spinning the tunes just for you. Am I right?!? Anyone else love it?

Dancers enjoying silent disco

Speaking of entertainment, one food truck really took the cake. Flames spewing out of the hood of the truck, all of the workers dancing to tunes such as ones by Die Antwoord and just generally genuinely enjoying their time there. I'm not sure how much they actually sold food wise, but they certainly gained a bit of notoriety. I wasn't the only one dancing my butt off in front of their truck. These are my kind of people!!! I will go to any food festival that they're at!

Roadkill 8 food truck

Once again, another amazing food festival. Great food, great free entertainment, and family friendly. Bring the kids, bring your cash, and leave with new family memories!

Lee holding up souvenir Rollende Keukens cup



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