So Lee and I took a long weekend trip to Prague. Why Prague? Well, apparently years ago Lee saw the movie Hostel and decided he'd like to go there. You read right, Hostel... the horror film from 2005.

We flew KLM this time and even though we booked and checked in together, somehow our seats were rows apart. This happened on the flight home as well. Luckily both times we were able to switch seats so that we could sit together. Thank you to the very nice people who switched. Anyone who knows me understands that I'm a nervous flier. To put it into perspective, Lee refers to me as Mr. T. (I ain't gettin' on no plane, Hannibal!)

We arrived in Prague Friday evening. From the airport we took the public transport to our apartment centrally located next to the Astronomical Clock. Amazing location! We were within walking distance to everything! The only downside is that every bar crawl in town went right past our window. (Does that town ever go to sleep?)

Our sightseeing included just about everywhere that we could walk to. Starting with the Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock just outside of our door.

Wenceslas Square - where the famous Velvet Revolution occurred.

The Metronome- put in place after the destruction of a giant statue of Stalin.

Next to the metronome is a famous skate park. The park has a beer garden with cheap drinks and not so appetizing food. It also connects you to the church and castle.

Petrin lookout tower- a replica of the Eiffel Tower with nice views. 300 stairs to the top of the tower! Plus we took a funicular to get from the street to the tower.

We decided to do dinner one night on the Jazz Boat. It's a 2.5 hour cruise on the river with optional dinner. Some very pretty views of the city at night and very nice music. I wasn't too keen on a good half hour of the cruise being spent going through a lock system, but Lee rather enjoyed that part.

Speaking of food... there was a newly opened Hooters next door to our apartment. Not typically where we ate back in the states, but it was amazingly nice to have some food from home! Fried mozzerella sticks and fried pickles! Not to mention real hot wings. The ranch tasted different. But hey, they had ranch, which you can't find outside of the US. So, I'm not complaining!

Back to sightseeing.. We only visted one of the numerous museums. That happened to be the Museum of Communism. As the poster states, you can find it above McDonalds (and next to a casino). They certainly have a sense of humor in their flyer.

There is a famous Czech style restaurant and pub called U Medvidku that was reviewed by Anthony Bourdain. Reviews online were very mixed and skewed towards the negative. We gave it a go anyway.

The place wasn't busy at all when we got there, so we had no trouble finding a table. Plus, the bartender came over rather quickly to take our order. We each had a beer and ordered the beer cheese appetizer. And that's about all we could take of there. As with anywhere, YMMV. But personally I think there are much better pubs in Prague.

We also tried the traditional Czech liquor called "Becherovka". It is made from a secret recipe based on a wide variety of herbs and spices. To me, it kinda tastes like cough syrup.

There is a memorial near the base on our way to the Petrin Tower dedicated to the victims of communism.

And then we walked past this thing...

And finally, sunset. What a beautiful city to visit!


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