Pet Travel Tips - Ways To Make Sure your Pet Travels Safely

Pet Travel Tips - Ways To Make Sure your Pet Travels Safely

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A majority of people would prefer to travel with their pets in the cabin rather than in the cargo hold. Pets, especially cats are small and when traveling they tend to be nervous, which means they require attention and physical contact. Well, the good news is that you can train a cat to travel in the cabin of a plane.

To make sure that your pet cat remains safe during a flight, it is important to observe airline regulations. You should first visit a vet to receive personalized information about tactics and medication for soothing it. Moreover, it is important to ensure that your cat’s rabies is up-to-date and that a vet has given you a certification of health record so that you can carry it when traveling.

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Booking A Flight

The fact is that different airlines have different policies when it comes to traveling with a cat in the cabin. For example, certain airlines offer cabin travel for pets in certain seasons or flights. Well, if your cat has never travelled using an airplane or tends to be nervous, it is important to begin with short flights. At the same time, when booking for a flight it important to ask for a locator number. You can compare pet travel policies at

Using An Air Carrier

Make sure that you have reviewed the airline rules and regulations for travel pet carriers. In many cases, soft carriers meet these requirements and they tend to be more practical compared to hard carriers. Ensure that you have chosen a strong seam, a quality fabric and sufficient air vents. The bottom part should include a removable pad, which will simplify cleaning.

Prepare The Cat For Air Travel

Introduce your cat to air travel for a long time. For example, leaving your air carrier open at home for your cat to enter and leave freely is a great way to train it. Place toys that your cat likes to play with inside the air carrier. When the day to travel gets closer, you should consider adding a comfortable object that has your scent. This technique will help the cat relax when it is traveling.

Taking Security Measures

The fact is that sometimes things go wrong and you may find that you have lost your cat. For this reason, it is important to take all security measures. By using a collar with identification and contact info, it will make things easier when required to identify your cat. If you want to travel with your pet in the cabin, you should remove your cat from the carrier before going through security.

You should hold it tight and then walk with it through metal detectors. Whenever, possible, keep the cat carrier closed while in open areas.

Care For The Cat Before And During The Flight

It is important that you feed your cat about 5 hours before a flight. Do not give the cat water before the flight. Towards the end of the flight, you should give your cat Ice cube or small sips of water. If the vet gave you medications to give to your cat before, after and during a flight, make sure that you have complied. During a flight, you can use a private flap to sooth the cat. If possible, hold your pet and pet it through the carrier’s vent.

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