Nice, France: Family Holiday with a Baby

Nice, France: Family Holiday with a Baby

An in depth look at our Nice, France Family Vacation

During our family vacation in Nice, France the plan was to take a few day trips to other beach areas. The strike going on meant that option was not feasible. So, we were able to take a more in depth look at Nice during our family holiday. We wrote a review of the best family hotel in Nice in another blog post. In this one, we'll tell you all about how we made the most of our family vacation in Nice with a baby!

picture of mom, dad, and baby

For a good overview of the city normally we do walking tours. However, this time we decided to do something different and did a cycle tour instead. We took a pedicab with Cyclopolitain . This option kept us out of the sun and gave us a fantastic overview of the city. The bike picked us up at our hotel. I put L in the Ergobaby and the family city tour began. It was the perfect amount of room in the back of the pedicab for two plus a baby on my lap. I don't think that three across would fit. As for the tour, the options were 30 mins, 1 hour, or 2 hours. We chose to do the 2 hour sightseeing trip although in hindsight you really get to see everything that you need to in one hour. I highly recommend this as the best way to get an overview of Nice during your family holiday especially if your family includes a baby. The pictures below were taken during our tour.

Place Masséna harbor with colorful boats Nice, France museum of modern art old map of Nice France

For lunch we went to Blue Beach Restaurant. I do not recommend lunch there. After lunch L was tired so unfortunately we had to return to the hotel rather than spending time on the beach like I had planned. (Babies have their own plans during family holidays and they don't always coincide with mom or dads.) On the walk back to the hotel, we did get to stop and take a picture at the famous Promenade du Paillon. Lots of children there enjoying the fountains and the children's playground nearby.

For dinner, we went to the flower market and just randomly picked a place. Outdoor dining works out best for us when we're on a family holiday because we can just pull the stroller up to the table. This is the option we picked that night. Pretty touristy area but it's a nice option for a family dinner. The pizza was good! Plus is made for a great place to people watch.

man with pizza

After dinner we took a stroll down to the beach. We had to carry the stroller down the stairs. But with the two of us it wasn't much trouble. The beachside is a great place to relax as a family. Traveling with a baby can be stressful so it's nice when we have time to just chill. With the sun down I didn't have to worry about the baby getting too much sun which was nice. L was able to sit with us and enjoy the view. We sat on the beach on a blanket and watched the planes take off and land at the airport. Is there anyplace more beautiful than the beach at Nice as the sun is setting?

Sunset Nice, France on the beach

Day trip to the beach with a baby

The following day was supposed to be a family day trip from Nice to Antibes but because of the strike that was not possible. So it turned into a family day trip to the beach in Nice. In Nice there are public and private beaches. Traveling with a baby meant that we were looking for the luxury of sunshade and a chair and of course, table side service. So we headed on over to Lido Plage. Excellent service, fantastic food. All around a great choice. And we weren't the only people at Lido Plage with a baby. Again we had to carry the stroller up and down the stairs, but don't let this deter you!

Lido Plage Outdoor Restaurant Fruit Salad on white plate

two pink high chairs

For dinner we again set out walking and stopped at Le Quebec. The food was okay. We shared a hamburger and poutine. As an aperitif we tried something called "Kir". Kir is drunk as an apéritif before a meal or snack and is a popular French cocktail. It's usually made with a measure of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and topped up with white wine. Next time you're on a family holiday in France you must try this. It's amazingly delicious!

salad and poutine

burger, fries, and a salad

Best view in Nice during our family trip

The following day we were yet again unable to take a day trip from Nice. So instead we explored Nice on foot as a family. The best view in Nice by far is the from Castle Park (Parc du Chateau). We took an elevator to get up to the top of the park and the views over Nice were incredible. Plus the park has a few different play areas for children as well as an outdoor cafe. If you're on family holiday with children in Nice then this park is a must visit!

elevator entrance Nice, France


For our last night in Nice, the hotel arranged for a babysitter for us so it was adult time rather than a family dinner. On this particular evening we had what was probably my second favorite dinner during our stay in Nice. Quickly searching for reviews led us to El Merkado. Outstanding food and service. Don't let the hipster vibe deter you. The price of the food was on par with what you would pay for lunch in some places yet the quality of the food was on par with any top tier restaurant.

Our final impression of Nice, France? It makes a great family holiday. Hopefully we someday make it back to the area to explore Antibes and Monaco as well. Have you been to Nice on a family holiday? Did you take the kids? Or maybe did you travel with a baby? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below.

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