6 New Reasons to go to De Foodhallen Amsterdam

6 New Reasons to go to De Foodhallen Amsterdam

De Foodhallen in Amsterdam West has revamped it's already fabulous food selection with six new food stands. If you're looking for a great place for a family lunch in Amsterdam (or perhaps an early family dinner) and you haven't visited yet, you're missing out. As we previously wrote about here De Foodhallen is a top pick for those of you in Amsterdam with children.

So what's new and why should you go now? De Foodhallen has just opened 6 new food stands!

italian sampler platter de foodhallen amsterdam

Renatos Pizzaria

Authentic Italian Pizza with ingredients straight from the source in Italy. Bonus: now you don't have to travel to their restaurant in De Pijp for delicious pizza.

Renato's: http://www.renatospizzeria.nl
pizza de foodhallen amsterdam


Healthy can also mean tasty. Asian fusion meats South American. It's the best of both worlds and it's also good for you.

Fento: http://www.thefento.com

noodles de foodhallen amsterdam

Dim Sum Thing

Steamed buns, dumplings and rice noodles. This is dim sum done right. Great selection of traditional dim sum dishes with a modern twist to share with the family.

Dim Sum Thing: http://www.dimsumthing.nl

dim sum de foodhallen amsterdam

Taqueria Lima West

Mexican cooking with a Peruvian twist. Soft shelled or hard? Whichever you prefer, you can get it here.

Lima West: http://www.facebook.com/taquerialimawest

Monsieur Baba

With menu items like "Veggie goat cheese salad" and "Beef Köfte brochette" Monsieur Baba just might have something that you've never tried before. A mixture of French and Arabian influences gives a very different food experience from some of the other food stands.

Monsieur Baba: http://www.monsieurbaba.nl


Here you can sample "Green Dutch Cuisine." Vegetables play a central role here on the menu. Looking for a quick, healthy, green snack? Padron is your food stall.

Padron: http://www.facebook.com/padronstreetfood

Hungry for more? Check out the video below!


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