Best Family Hotel in Nice

Best Family Hotel in Nice

Our hotel in Nice was fantastic! Nice in general tends to skew on the expensive side. So when picking a hotel it was hard to stay within budget. (Can you even call anywhere in Nice a budget hotel?) However, we not only stayed within our budget but I'm pretty sure we also found the best hotel for families in Nice. So where is this gem? It's the Hotel de Verdun .

The location of the hotel is incredible. Anything that a family with a baby could want is within walking distance. It's 100 meters from Place Masséna, only 200 meters from Old Nice, and an easy 300 meter stroll to the beachfront. And if shopping is your thing, it's right across the street from Galeries Lafayette Nice. Travel with kids is tough enough without having to then walk miles (or kilometers) to the sights that you want to see.

old town street in nice france

The family friendly hotel has some great amenities. A buffet breakfast is served in the mornings and there is one high chair available. (Yay for baby friendly hotel amenities!) It's your typical european breakfast of cereal, cold meats, breads, and cheeses and fruit. If you've had breakfast in any hotel in Europe than you probably know what to expect. Personally, I was happy to have coffee available so close to the room! (#momlife)

We stayed in room 26 which is one of their family rooms. Gotta say, love having that second room when traveling with the baby. They provided a crib and a kettle and would warm up food for us when we asked. Alas there was no mini fridge but I guess something had to give. The windows blocked out all of the noise from the street when closed. The curtains did not block out all of the light but certainly enough to make sleeping possible for the little one. The only real downside to the room was the wifi. It worked well the first day and then after that we were lucky to have it work at all. Not sure if that is a problem that they often have or if it was only during our stay. They do, however, offer a computer in their "living room". So that is always an option although we didn't try it out so I can't attest to whether it worked or not.

As for the hotel staff, whenever we had requests for them they were super helpful and friendly. The Mountain Buggy was able to be stored on the first floor by the reception which was a blessing since it was too wide to fit through the door to our room. The only unfortunate part is that we still had to carry it down the stairs to the ground floor whenever we wanted to take it outside. For some reason, the elevator starts on the first floor rather than on the ground floor. Which for us just meant that for short trips out we took the Ergobaby 360 rather than the stroller. That's one of those European things that I have to get used to. I guess that's par for the course when many of the buildings you visit are older than the country that you come from. That's one of those things about traveling with your family, it gives you a new perspective on the world!

baby on floor playing with keyboard

Another really nice feature of the hotel was the "living room." It was a wide open space next to the reception and was perfect for a family like us traveling with a baby. There they had available: comfortable couches for sitting, plenty of books, magazines, and brochures for reading, and my favorite, a kids corner with tons of toys. We spent quite a fair bit of quiet time there as well as playtime on the keyboard. L was happy to crawl around and play and I was pleased that she had such a clean and pleasant space to do it in.

I was overal highly impressed with the quality of service at the hotel. Not every place so readily tries to be accommodating to families with babies. I may even like it more than the Adalbert Eco Hotel in Prague and that's saying a lot! The staff here really went above and beyond. Furthermore, staying at this hotel gave us a great base camp for exploring Nice. Traveling with a baby can be difficult, so it's nice when you find such a wonderful family hotel.

We were in no way compensated to write this review. I just liked the place that much! Check it out if you're traveling with a baby or traveling with kids in Nice, France and you need a great family friendly hotel to stay in!


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