Infant Development: My First Sounds and Words Review

Infant Development: My First Sounds and Words Review

Infant development is a big concern for many first time parents. Many a Google search is done figuring out if these baby sounds or those baby smells are normal or not. Webmd becomes our best friend and our worst enemy. So when I was asked by Kim Marino to review her infant development flashcards I thought that this would be a great opportunity to help other parents out there discover a useful tool from a parent who is a qualified expert in baby's first words and sounds.

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My First Sounds and Words was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest review.
All thoughts and feelings about the product are my own.

Kim Marino has been a "practicing as a licensed speech and language pathologist since 1993." She has had the opportunity to work with children from all sorts of different backgrounds and developmental abilities. On top of that, she is also a mother to four children of her own. So when I say that she is an expert in the area of baby's first words and infant development, I am not exaggerating.

From the website:

My First Sounds and Words Flashcards contains over 40 flashcards/pictures that are easiest for your baby/toddler to say. The flashcards contain pictures of sounds and words that are acquired first by your baby (M, B, P, H & N). Most flashcards available to parents target words that are TOO challenging for your little one. This set contains words and sounds that your baby/toddler will naturally have an easier time in imitating or when saying the name of picture card.

The flashcards are available as a pdf file and can be used printed out, or on your smartphone or tablet. I personally like the versatility of being able to take the flashcards with you when you're traveling with baby. Since we travel with our baby quite a bit I tend to focus on infant development items that can easily move with us. This flash card set is perfect for that.

Since we usually have the Ipad with us when we travel, it's handy to be able to practice speech development with these flashcards when we're out traveling. Plus, not having to print them off is good for the environment. Win-win all around. Of course if you like being able to print things off, you can choose from three different pdf files to be able to specify how many baby sounds flash cards you want per page.

We're at the age with our baby that we're spending a lot of our focus on baby's first words so this was the perfect time to try out these flashcards. They're colorful, easy to use, plus you can even put your own pictures on some of the cards to make them personal to you and your baby.

If you're looking for a set of flash cards to further the progress of your baby's speech development, then this is a product that you should check out. Buy them at the Speech Mamma Etsy Shop.


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