How To Make a Family Trip To Italy On A Budget

How To Make a Family Trip To Italy On A Budget

With its rich heritage, culture and exquisite cuisine, Italy has all the reasons to be your next travel destination. Some might think it’s impossible to visit Italy without making a hole in your pocket, let alone taking the whole family. If you are among them, you are in the right place. We will help you plan your next big family trip to Italy, but on a budget you can easily afford.

Italy, enriched with history, culture and exquisite cuisine, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. There are why Italy should be on your bucket list. What about the costs? make it to your list toI can keepIt has all the reasons to be your next family trip destination. It is also a. Some might think it’s impossible to visit Italy without making a hole in your pocket, let alone taking the whole family. If you are among them, you are in the right place. We will help you plan your next big family trip to Italy, but on a budget you can easily afford.

Travelling with the family is always blissful. And when it comes to visiting a place like Italy, surely there will be challenges. But at the end of the day, the experience will be worthwhile. We are here to help you get past every obstacle you might face and make your family trip a great bonding experience. This article will cover everything from the inception of the journey to the accommodations, attractions and of course, the food.


Flights to Italy can be quite expensive. The price will vary depending on the place you are flying from and the time of year. Flights are most expensive during the high summer season. It usually lasts from May through September. You can get cheapest flights during the winter from January to February. It’s quite common to find heavily discounted flights at this time of year. But if you want the perfect balance between good weather and airfare you should plan your trip for the months of March, April and October.

It will cost you more if you fly directly to Italy. You should consider flying into one of the major international airports first and then catch a second flight to Italy. The airports in London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam are the major airports in Europe. From there you can find budget flights to your destination.

Be sure to check airfare booking sites regularly and set an alert for your own convenience. This way you will remain up to date on the prices for certain flights.
Choose the best route of flight. Flights to different airports in Italy will have different costs. Usually flights to Milan or Venice is cheaper than flights to Rome. Airfare will consume most of your travel budget, make sure to do thorough research before choosing the best deal.


There is a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to accommodations. And the best part is, you can be in control of the costs.

You can choose from hostel dorms or from an array of hotels. Prices are highest during the summer and around major holidays. Luxurious accommodations come with a hefty price tag, but hostel dorms are friendly to your budget.
You can save more money by staying in less popular cities. The cities are usually far from the main attractions and the prices decrease significantly.

You also have the option of camping. But the campsites are usually just outside the city. So you won’t get the real feel of camping but you will save some money.
Renting an apartment on the country side can be a pleasant experience. But if you want to experience the countryside, we recommend you stay in an agriturismo.


The best way to travel within the city will depend on the number of members making the trip. One or two people can easily commute by trains and occasionally buses. But a family of four or more will be needing a rented private transport to get around.

We recommend you get rail passes. This will cut your costs for the long distance journeys. Then you can rent a car at your convenience. Manual transmission cars are cheap whereas auto transmission cars might get too heavy on your wallet. On the other hand, slower trains cost less than faster ones. You can also avail train and drive combo passes. This includes car rentals for few days along with train travel.


There are so many places to visit in Italy. Some of the major attractions are the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Florence Cathedral, Pantheon, Venice canals, Pompeii, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Lake Como Amalfi coast, Cinque Terre and of course Vatican City.

The prices decline as you go further south of Italy. It’s true that the northern cities are beautiful, but the southern part is just a charming. This part has plenty of landscapes and ruins which give you a firsthand experience of the country’s culture. And if you stay in one part of the country, transportation costs will be saved. But it is completely possible to have a grand tour of major attractions within budget.

Free walking tours are available in many cities of Italy. It’s a very good way of learning about the country’s history. There are many museums which can be educational for the children. There are so many free activities to participate in. Just search for them on the internet and you will have loads of options.


Even if you are not a serious foodie, you cannot avoid the experience of the phenomenal Italian cuisine. But the food might get expensive.

You can look for accommodations which offer complimentary breakfast. There are many bakeries which sell breakfast goods at a reasonable price point. You can go for a family picnic in the park and have lunch at your convenience. Restaurants around attractions can get a bit too pricy. Try avoiding those if you want to save some money. Buy supplies from the local stores for casual snacking.

Family trips are awesome. The bonding experience is second to none. Making a family trip to Italy on a budget will require you to invest some of your own time to think everything through. Be sure to compare prices and facilities. Travel light, travel smart and make those precious moments count.

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