How to Incorporate Pokemon Go into Your Family Travel

How to Incorporate Pokemon Go into Your Family Travel

Since its release 2 weeks ago, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Teenagers and adults reliving their 90s dreams are spending hours searching their local towns for Pokemon and Poke Stops. Traveling with your family is about to be revolutionized as parents and children both enjoy using the game together.

Remember to stay aware of your surroundings. A few people have been injured while playing. Watch where you are walking!!!

Pokemon Go for Families

If you are like my husband, you probably have no idea what Pokemon Go is and why Pokemon Go is appealing. It is a game where you catch creatures (called Pokemon) and then use them in battles. Or you can just try to collect all the different kinds; there are over 120 different ones.

Unlike other games, Pokemon Go makes you get up and go, literally! You have to walk around places, rather than sit at a computer, to play the game. Everything is out in the world. This gives you and your children a great opportunity to explore the world around you be it in your hometown, or where you are traveling with your family on holiday.

Explore the outdoors with Pokemon Go

Are your children too young to play Pokemon Go? If you're like me and have a young baby, this is a great way to enjoy time walking the baby in the stroller. The baby gets fresh air and you get to play a really fun game!

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Discovering New Tourist Attractions by Playing Pokemon Go as a Family

One of the coolest features of Pokemon Go are the Poke Stop locations. What is a Poke Stop? It is an area on the game where you can get more poke balls, which are needed to catch more Pokemon. You can get other items like eggs from them as well.

The game selects local places for the poke stops. They can be common places, like a playground or the library in your town. The game also selects some local landmarks you may never have found. It is encouraging people to become tourist in their own hometown. Players are discovering areas in their town they never knew existed!

Pokemon stops may be historical locations

The game loves to place poke stops in historical locations. When you are traveling with your family, especially with kids that use the game, playing the game can introduce you to places in the area with meaning. For example, one poke stop in New York is the statues of Christopher Columbus.

Top five destinations to play Pokemon Go according to National Geographic

While traveling, the Pokemon Go app will lead you to different famous landmarks, but it can also take you to more obscure places that you may have never seen during your family holiday otherwise. This is the coolest part of the Pokemon Go game, minus the actual catching of the Pokemon. You could spend the entire day roaming around searching for Pokemon and Poke Stops while discovering the history of the area that you're vacationing in.

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Pokemon Go as a New Travel App

Traveling with your family is exciting. Gaming with your kids connects you to them on a different level. You will definitely be the “cool” parent. The Pokemon Go app may just be the newest travel app for families.

Clearly, you can’t book your hotel or flights via the app. However, it is an awesome app to use as a tour guide. Plus, this is a tour your children will actually want to use. Different locations in the world have different Pokemon; your family will fill your Pokedex fast while traveling. You are going to want to use the app to discover landmarks wherever you are traveling.

Use this app as a tour guide to discover interesting locations

For example, Washington D.C. is full of poke stops along the National Mall and Historic Districts. You may discover the U.S. Chess Center is a Poke Stop. The White House is a Poke Gym; that’s the one you want to visit when traveling with the family for sure!

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