Holiday Resort with a Baby Club

Holiday Resort with a Baby Club

Affordable Ski Holiday with a Toddler

Is trying to do a winter sports holiday with an under three even worth the effort? It seems that besides the luxury resorts, it is very hard to find affordable care for under 3. Add to that the language barrier when searching online and planning a trip can turn into a logistical nightmare.

This year, we came across a hotel in Tignes, France that is affordable and has a baby club!


This hotel is well suited for families looking for an affordable, family-friendly hotel in the French Alps. The drawback? Everything is in French. But, if you don't mind the language barrier and are looking for a place that your toddler can enjoy while you hit the slopes, then this is a great option.

hotel dining room tignes frane

Benefits of a Family Hotel

  • Your kids get to play with other kids in the crèche.

  • There are kid friendly options for mealtime.

  • No one cares if your kids are running around or using their indoor voices.

  • Kids disco and other activities set up just for kids.

  • Gives the adults time to themselves to go snowboard or ski.

An Affordable Option

Affordable.... In the French Alps? You would think that the French Alps would be only for the rich. But I can assure you, this is a great option for a family vacation in the French Alps.

As stated in the last blog post , Tignes, France is accessible from 4 airports. Or you can drive there or take a train to the station.

Hotel Club Tignes: An Honest Review

food at hotel tignes france

The hotel was recently redecorated and its decor is sort of a cabin in the woods meets modern. Whoever did the redesign had a thing for mirrors.

Food: The breakfast buffet has a very nice selection of meats, cheeses, warm and cold meals. They also make pancakes and eggs on a grill.

The lunch and dinner buffets changed daily and also had a wide variety of typical french foods. There were lots of pasta and pizza dishes, along with healthier options like salads and yogurt.

They also offer wine on tap, which is free as part of the all-inclusive plan during meals. Our server was super friendly and loved practicing his English.

Amenities: The hotel is attached to a store where you can rent your snow gear. There is also a locked area downstairs for gear. Plus, free parking is just below the hotel. Also, there is a nice kids playground just below the hotel. Even better? The hotel is walking distance to the lifts.

sign for baby club at hotel

The 'baby club' offers a morning and afternoon session for children starting at 18 months of age. You have to provide your own diapers and wipes. The hotel provides a snack during this time. The baby club is included in the price if you book directly through MMV, otherwise, you will need to pay extra and can not pre-book the baby club online or by phone.

our server

This was the Easter attire our server wore!


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