Halloween in Amsterdam: What is there to do with Kids

Halloween in Amsterdam: What is there to do with Kids

There are some things that you grow accustomed to that become a part of who you are. One of those things for me is and always has been Halloween. I'm a performer through and through, so it's no surprise that my favorite holiday is one that involves costumes and dressing up.

While you may grow too old to trick or treat, you are never too old to dress up and play pretend. Carrying on this and other cultural traditions is important to me. Now that we live in Amsterdam as American expats and we have a child of our own, it seems that I have to get a bit creative in celebrating our American holidays. (Think, not only where do you find a turkey in Amsterdam, but also how do you cook it in your mini oven. Hint: Both are possible, it's just not as simple as I'd like it to be.)

While Amsterdam doesn't celebrate Halloween in any sort of grand fashion as you find back in America, it does have it's own smaller version of events for the holiday. Thanks to my time vlogging for Amsterdam Calling I've gotten to get out of my comfort zone and had the pleasure of experiencing some of the best places and events in Amsterdam. This has also led me to be able to discover the Halloween scene in Amsterdam.

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Unfortunately, I learned recently that there is going to be no Halloween parade in Amsterdam this year. Color me bummed. More than bummed. I might even be devastated. :sob: I get it. It's a lot of planning, it's expensive, and there are many things to think about like sponsors and what not. But I was so excited to take my baby out for her first Halloween in Amsterdam. That's now ruined, I tell you, ruined! Ok, maybe I'm being a tiny bit dramatic. But what other options do I now have to take my kid out for Halloween in Amsterdam? Turns out, not a lot.

So, what is there to do with kids for Halloween in Amsterdam this year?

It looks like our best option for a kid friendly halloween event is Amsterdam is at the Hard Rock Cafe. This year they'll be hosting a breakfast event with a trick or treat walk.

From their website:

At Hard Rock Amsterdam we offer this year a buffet breakfast Halloween Event. Doors open at 10AM and event finishes at 11:30AM ending with our annual Trick or Treat walk on the Max Euweplein
Join us for face painting, Pumpkin Carving, Fun, games & activities

Tickets and more information about the event here
So while hanging out at Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam with the baby is not quite what I had in mind for her first Halloween in Amsterdam, I guess it'll have to do. I'm interested to here what other people are planning for their Halloween celebrations.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween this year, no matter what your plans may entail!


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