Family Weekend Getaway to Winterberg Germany

Family Weekend Getaway to Winterberg Germany

So after the snowboarding disaster that was our trip to ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN when we got invited by friends to go snowboarding in Winterberg, we jumped at the chance. It ended up being a fantastic family weekend getaway. Winterberg is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for somewhere to snowboard or ski with the family that isn't far from Amsterdam.

Why Winterberg?

  • It's close to Amsterdam

Winterberg is only about a 4 hour drive from Amsterdam. While there are also options to take the train or a bus, we chose to rent a car and drive. This way we didn't have to haul all of our luggage and a baby. Plus, the little one travels better in a car seat then she does on a bus or train. Plus this meant that we could arrive and leave when we wanted and we were able to arrive directly at our hotel rather than having to get there from a bus stop or train station. I've said it before and I'll say it again, now that we are traveling with a child I tend to prioritize convenience over cost and I don't regret that decision at all.

  • Winterberg offers babysitting

While there are no babysitting agencies in Winterberg, there are babysitters available. In order to get the list of babysitters, you'll need to email the Winterberg Tourism Office at and they will send you a list of people that are available to babysit. You will have to individually call the sitters to find one that can speak your language if you don't speak German (not all of the sitters speak English) and that is available during your trip. We found a lovely sitter for our little one so we were able to snowboard worry free.

  • Winterberg has well connected slopes.

Map of Winterberg Ski Slopes

The hotel we stayed at was a ski-in/ shi-out hotel. This was perfect since we could then just walk to the slopes rather than having to drive our rental car and find parking. What I found even better was how interconnected the slopes were. There were plenty of beginner and intermediate slopes and we could take them all around the city. Instead of being stuck in one area or having to drive to get to other slopes, we had a ton of options to explore by just using the ski lifts.

Lee with snowboard in Winterberg Germany

Final Thoughts on Winterberg

Lee and I had a fantastic weekend snowboarding in Winterberg, Germany. It is close enough to Amsterdam that you can do it as a day trip or a weekend getaway. Plus, once you're in Winterberg, there is plenty of trail for beginners to explore. Winterberg is something I highly recommend for families looking for somewhere easy to get to from Amsterdam for a family winter vacation getaway.

Slope in Winterberg Germany


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