Family Holiday in Prague with an Infant

Family Holiday in Prague with an Infant

In December we decided to do a winter sports holiday (once again) in the Czech Republic. You can read about The Best Kept Secret in Tsjechie here. This time though, it was not only Lee and myself but our infant daughter. This took planning our vacation to a new level. When researching how baby friendly Prague would be, I didn't come across a lot of updated information. So this post is to share how our experience went. As always, YMMV.

father pushing baby stroller

Public Transport

The one we took from the airport (which was not the main one to downtown) had spots for strollers. And even though it was crowded, people made sure there was room for us. I had read that sometimes the drivers don't like to wait and will rush off before you've had a chance to get in. However that was not our experience.


We stayed outside of the historic center. Some of our trams were newer and some older. But what they all had in common was stairs. There is no easy way to get a buggy on by yourself. However, people were always quick to help.


Some of the stops are stroller friendly but not all. There are signs showing which ones have a lift. We had a few places in the city where we did the stroller on the escalator bit (scary btw). I would NOT recommend this on the metro escalators. We didn't attempt those. The metro in Prague is very far underground meaning that The escalator tends to be long and steep! Traveling with an infant is stressful enough without adding that to it.


On our way out of Prague to our snowboarding destination we did some shopping at Cerny Most. Great changing rooms/feeding rooms for a baby. The toy store there, Sparkys, carries the "Cool Club" brand of baby clothes. (It seems to be the only Sparkys that does btw.) I would equivocate it to the American brand of baby clothes called Carters. Super cute baby clothes for a very reasonable price. On top of that, the mall had a choo-choo train for kids to ride on. A bit outside of the center of Prague but very kid friendly shopping! And if you need even more reason to go, they have free wi-fi.

close up of plate of traditional Czech food

close up of traditional Czech dessert


One in particular that we went to with good food that was also family friendly was Kolkovna. It's a chain of restaurants in and around Prague. Pluses for us were that the one we were at was non-smoking (be forewarned, a lot of restaurants in Prague allow indoor smoking) and there weren't stairs that we needed to navigate. The restaurant was HUGE and had a kids play section. The portions were more than we could handle. (Gotta love Czech food!) And the service was good. If you're wanting to know whether a restaurant is smoke free or not before you enter there are signs on the door for that.

As Dominik Zezula over at Prague Tips explains:

"As for pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, every single one has to be properly labeled as ‘smoking’ or ‘non-smoking;’ just look for a sign on the front door. If it’s a classic ‘no smoking’ sign that reads ‘KOUŘENÍ ZAKÁZÁNO’, you can’t smoke inside. If it’s a black cigarette in a yellow triangle with ‘KOUŘENÍ POVOLENO’ written on it, you can. The other option is called ‘STAVEBNĚ ODDĚLENÉ PROSTORY PRO KUŘÁKY A NEKUŘÁKY’, which means that the facility has both smoking and non-smoking rooms, separated by a solid wall. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you’re not sure."

Things that I wish that I'd known:
  • Not all hotels have a tea kettle or microwave in the room. Something I didn't think about beforehand that made late night feedings difficult.

  • Those cobblestones are rough on strollers. While the stroller we had was good for Amsterdam, it was not meant to be on cobblestones. You'll want a stroller that can handle the uneven pavement!

Looking for a travel stroller system?

I recommend the Mountain Buggy Mini Buggy Travel System Berry. It's great on cobblestones! click here for the US link

How was your experience in Prague as a family destination? Leave a comment below to share!


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