Family Day at Bier West

Family Day at Bier West

Another weekend in Amsterdam brought us yet another festival. This time Lee and I packed up the baby and headed over to Rembrandtpark where they were holding family day at Bier West.
family day bier west father carrying baby

Amsterdam has loads of festivals every year. In fact, there are somewhere in the ballpark of 300 festivals each year in Amsterdam. There are no shortage of things to do if you want to get out and about in the city. Some of the festivals have special sections for children with play areas set up so that the kids can safely enjoy the festivities. At Bier West, they had a "family day." Most of the children seemed to enjoy the music on stage. That's where we spent most of our time.

family day bier west stage

family day bier west dj

And of course besides all of the local craft beer that was featured, there were also food trucks. Food on offer at "family day" at Bier West included; Indian, Pizza, Burgers, French Fries, and a couple of others. There were not as many food truck as there are at some other festivals. However, this festival was a beer festival. So, the focus was on the beer rather than the food. As usual, I brought food for the baby. Lee and I shared some french fries and sampled a few of the beers. Entrance to the festival included a commemorative beer glass. Unlike the plastic glass we got at Rollende Keukens this one was actually made of glass.

family day bier west gessell holding a beer

family day bier west food truck

family day bier west food truck vuurbrood

They even had a section set up where you could play beer pong, red cups and all. Unfortunately, having a baby there meant we didn't get to try our hand at beer pong. But there were plenty of people there without children who got to play. It looked like people were having fun.

family day bier west beer pong

family day bier west

This was a two day beer festival with the first day being their regular day and their second day being "family day." However, it wasn't just families there and there were plenty of activities for adults. Lee and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The baby loved being able to run around with the other children and it was nice having all of the other kids around for her to interact and play with. The festival had some fantastic craft beers and a really cool commemorative glass. While I would have enjoyed more variety in food choices, you can never go wrong with fries.

family day bier west food truck vleeswolf bbq

family day bier west food truck oer burger

So, will we be back if they hold Bier West in 2017? Yes. It was great to have a dedicated day for families at a festival. Bier West was a fun time in Rembrandtpark for a family day out!

Find out more about the festival at on their website


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