Easter Weekend in Antwerp

So as the title says, we went for a long weekend in Antwerp, Belgium. How neat is it that access to another country is just a short train ride away? We left early Saturday morning and arrived at Antwerp's Central Station . (It was voted one of the top five in the world and it was a beautiful building!)

After that, we hopped on a bike for a tour of the city with Cyclant . While a little unorthodox, it was a refreshing change of pace. The guide knew a great deal about the city that you wouldn't find in any guide book. Highly recommended tour. Plus, it didn't rain! We had perfect weather for it.

The rest of the weekend was about exploring on our own. We visited the famous Cathedral and a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Museum Plantin-Moretus . (I'll admit it, being a book nerd I was in Heaven! And, we got to see a A 36 line Gutenberg Bible!!!) And well, it wouldn't be a vacation to Belgium if we didn't sample some of the beers. Right next to the train station is a restaurant called Bier Central with 300ish Belgium beers. They also have a guide to all of the beers describing the flavors, the history, and all sorts of things that I'd not thought about.

And Monday morning, we came back to Amsterdam. Greeted by happy dogs and pouring rain, we knew we were back home.

Here's a few pictures. Happy Easter everyone!



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