Dutch Christmas Food

Dutch Christmas Food

With the Dutch seemingly being some of the fittest and healthiest creatures on Earth, you would think that the food would be healthy too. Right? Wrong! I believe the Dutch love their food fried. Just look at the national snackfood bitterballen. Which consists of deep-fried balls of meat gravy served usually, with mustard.

bitterballen with two glasses of radler beer

Or, the other decidedly very Dutch treat: french fries with mayo (or fritessaus, curry ketchup, satésaus, Joppiesaus, etc). So it's no suprise that for Christmas time, the food stands serve something equally as caloric and delicious. What am I talking about? Oliebollen. The Dutch equivalent of a donut, really.

And if having a plain old deep-fried ball of dough isn't enough, slap some custard in the middle and you have Lee's favorite, Berlinerbollen. And where can you find these treats in Amsterdam? Nearly everywhere. There are stands near the Christmas market in Rembrandtplein and in front of the ice skating rink at Leidseplein just to name two places. But if fried dessert isn't your thing, have no fear. There's always plenty of worst and gluhwein to be had.

Happy Holidays!


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