Düsseldorf Christmas Market

So Lee and I hopped on a bus and headed to Düsseldorf for the day. Just a short 3 hour bus ride with 70 of our closest friends. Just kidding, it was a Groupon deal. We didn't know anyone on the trip. But, how could we pass on such an excellent city trip? It gave us an excuse to explore a new city during the holidays. And that's why we moved to Europe, to learn about new traditions and cultures!

The forecast called for rain but from our time spent living in Amsterdam, we were prepared. (Rain no longer stops us from doing things. Wind however... well I for one am still learning to bike in those 50+mpg gusts of wind. My oma fiets [granny bike] can only handle so much.)

But enough of my ranting, back to Düsseldorf.

We were let off at the Espirit Arena with a public transport ticket and a vague direction of where to go. This is where the beauty in numbers comes in. With so many people there just to see the market, there was really no worry about getting lost. Just follow the group of people with their cameras in tow!

So, with little to no trouble, we made it. And, the market was fantastic! Of course there were the traditional wursts (I'm looking at you, ever present Currywurst) and glühwein (did I just acquire a new cavity) everywhere. But there were also these things called "kartoffelpuffers" or potato pancakes. There was the option to add apple sauce on top. But, being overwhelmed with sweets all day we had ours without.


While our experience of Christmas markets is new and limited (2 and counting), Düsseldorf was worth the bus ride.

Here's a short video I made. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


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