De Beren Restaurant Review

De Beren Restaurant Review

Every once in awhile you come across a restaurant that makes you want to return time and time again. And sometimes, a restaurant is kind of meh. Restaurant De Beren (In Dutch) in Hoofddorp falls more into the former category.

Review of Restaurant De Beren

ceiling lighting at de beren

Conveniently located next to the prime shopping area of Hoofddorp, De Beren is reminiscent of typical American style fast dining chains. Expectedly, this shows in the decor. Oversized teddy bears mixed with modern lighting and a huge wall clock make me feel as if they couldn't make up their minds on what type of establishment they wanted to be. (Not sure if this is typical of all of the De Beren Restaurants since this is the only one that I have been to.) Luckily, though, there is plenty of open space and nice large comfortable booths.

teddy bear decor at de beren

We were a party of four, two adults and two toddlers, who happened upon the place for lunch. While the automatic doors did not work, we had to pry the doors open with our hands, we did not let this deter us from entering. Two hungry toddlers were demanding lunch and this place fit our requirements.

  1. Open
  2. Convenient Location
  3. Not very busy

Food and Service at De Beren

calamari at de beren

Service was, unfortunately, typical. Very slow. Despite being the only table in the restaurant we had to chase our waiter down. The food was also very slow to arrive at the table. At least there were colored pencils for the toddlers to play with during the wait.
pulled pork without bun at de beren

The food was mediocre. The price was reasonable. Pretty much what you would expect for lunch at a place near a shopping center. Good enough if you need something to eat and you don't want to go to FEBO. Not so great if you're looking for a wow factor. Perfect if you've got a couple of hungry children and need somewhere with a kids menu.

child with colored pencils in booth at de beren


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