Bratislava - Eurotrip got it (mostly) wrong

Bratislava - Eurotrip got it (mostly) wrong

Bratislava. If you've seen Eurotrip then you've probably got a certain image in your head of what it looks like. Heck you probably took one look at that movie and decided that it's never worth going to.

Well, I wouldn't dismiss it that easily. While it was never high on our list of places to see, we had a couple of friends that invited us to tag along with them in Slovakia and we said yes. And we're really glad that we did!

Our first day in Bratislava we did what we always do, hit the local pub. Slovakia decidedly had some pretty amazing food and drinks. Thankfully for us our friend speaks Slovak because at this particular pub (and many others we came across is Slovakia) there were no English menus and the waiter didn't seem to speak it either. This is why it's helpful to travel with a (former) local! Otherwise, you can most always use Google translate. (How did people communicate before the internet?)

We stayed at a place called the Film Hotel. It's theme was Hollywood Movies/movie stars. It's in a central, safe, easily accessible location. There is a bar/restaurant on location with included breakfast. The rooms were clean. However they don't do daily bed making/cleaning and the "air conditioner" in our friends' room was broken which made their stay a bit miserable.

The street right off of our hotel was a major shopping street that lead to the old town center.

Our second day there, we went to Lenka's parents house for a bbq. Another perk of traveling with locals is getting to experience the amazing hospitality!

For our final day in Bratislava we decided to walk around the historical center. This area contains a small but preserved medieval city center, Bratislava Castle and other important landmarks. While we really wanted to go to the castle, it was a Monday and the castle was closed. Bummer!!! But we did get to experience many other things walking in and around the city!

And to finish off the day we went to a very underground (literally) teahouse.


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