Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Anniversary Gifts Ideas

February is the month for love and romance. This is especially true for Lee and I as it's the month of our wedding anniversary. Having a young baby at home makes it difficult for me to shop in person. So, I do a lot of my shopping online. And while I'm a huge fan of shopping on sites such as Amazon, sometimes I want to find something a little more personal.

Since becoming a mother, I've noticed that I care a lot more about the future of the Earth and what sort of world my daughter is inheriting. This means that when I can, I try to buy from companies that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Like other mothers, I buy eco-friendly products as I can and have personally changed my behavior to minimize my impact on global climate change. I am much more likely to buy products repeatedly from a company if I know the company is mindful of its impact on the environment and also on society.

Recently, I've come across a business that I wanted to share with everyone that meets these requirements and has an awesome selection of handmade, organic and recycled products to gift to your loved one.


This page has a fantastic selection of gifts for the global nomad in your life. A couple of my particular favorite gifts for loved ones that travel are:

Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art

This map is perfect for those of us who met our significant others someplace other than where we grew up. For Lee and I who grew up in two different states, and then met in a third, this gift is very meaningful to our lives.

Personalized Family Ski & Snowboard Art

What better way to remember your family winter trips skiing and snowboarding than with personalized family ski and snowboard art? This is a great gift for any family who loves to go on winter sports holidays together, like we do. And with this artwork, you can even include the family pets! Such a cute and unique way to remember your family vacations!

And as if you need even more reason to buy from UncommonGoods, they created the "Better to Give Program" in 2001, which allows you to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from us at checkout. That's a win-win for everyone involved. With so many great gift ideas, which one would you choose for your loved one? I'd love to hear what anniversary gift you'd choose in the comments below.


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