Amsterdam Haunted House: Freak Circus

I just had to share this awesome pic I got in the mail with myself and the crew at Freak Circus. I was there filming a Halloween episode for the webseries Amsterdam Calling.

Freak Circus (according to Boom Chicago's website) is "the best and scariest Halloween haunted house in the Netherlands." Big words to live up to, right? It doesn't hurt that they offer a free Jagermeister shot to help calm your nerves.

So how did they do? Well I can't personally attest to whether or not they're the best in the Netherlands, being that this is my first time in a haunted house here. But what I can proclaim is that it rocked. (And I'm not just saying that 'cause of the free booze.)

Every year I have gone to haunted houses across the U.S. Boom Chicago took elements from some of the best that I've ever seen. It's part haunted house, part live action scary movie. And you're an active part of it.

Check out my experience once the webisode is live at Amsterdam Calling . And stay tuned for more of this American girl exploring off the beaten path in Amsterdam.


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