Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair: Family Day Out

Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair: Family Day Out

Art Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a ton of great art galleries and fantastic artists. To make it easier on us with the baby, we decided to head to the famous Affordable Art Fair over in Amsterdam Noord so that we could experience a variety of artists all in one place. According to the Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair website:

Showcasing over 65 galleries with contemporary local and international talents... The fair offers a range of contemporary art, all priced between €100 – €6,000, with 75% of art offered at under €3,000.

With all this on offer and more at the easily accessible Kromhouthal in Amsterdam North, the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will be the place discover, fall in love with and take art home!

amsterdam affordable art fair entrance

Art Fair with a Baby

Art educators say it's never too early to introduce kids to art and I agree. There are so many parents who often steer clear of museums because they're worried that their kids will be bored or maybe cause a scene. However, I believe that by bringing our baby to art fairs and museums from an early age we will help her to not only appreciate art but also to learn how to behave in these types of environments. I wasn't alone in this belief.

Not only did we see tons of other babies and children, there was even a children's art corner at the fair. Here children 6-12 were given their own corner to create their own artwork. It was great to see how family friendly this art fair was.

amsterdam affordable art fair man looking at photo

Affordable Art Amsterdam

So the whole premise of this art fair is that it is affordable meaning it's not all Van Gogh prices but rather things people looking to have a one of a kind piece of art in their house can afford. Affordable is certainly personal. And frankly, so is art. This fair promised that most of it's art was under €3,000. That could very well have been true. There were a lot of smaller pieces for under €1,000. Most of the larger pieces that I saw were in the €2,500- €3,600 range. Certainly not crazy expensive but still something that most of us would need to budget for.

close up of artwork at amsterdam affordable art fair

“You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to collect art” – Herb and Dorothy Vogel.

Art Amsterdam: Our Thoughts

There certainly was a variety of art pieces in various styles. Unfortunately Lee and I did not find anything for our apartment. However, there were a lot of beautiful works of art. I believe that the fair lived up to its name. The art here was affordable and representive of many different styles and mediums. It was nice to see we weren't the only family there with a baby. I enjoy taking our little one out with us and it's nice that Amsterdam's culture is so kid friendly. Maybe we'll find something next year.

people looking at art at amsterdam affordable art fair

Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair Website (English)


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