Action Packed Weekend in Amsterdam

On Friday night, Lee and I decided to head out on the town for drinks. In doing so we picked a random bar in a neighborhood called De Pijp. Unbeknownst to us, we were about to meet a famous Dutch artist. Sitting at the bar we made friends with this guy.


This is Simon Posthuma. He did some pretty legendary stuff in the 60s. And his son is Douwe Bob. Since this was a local bruine cafe that Simon seems to frequent, he asked the lady behind the bar to play his son's music and she obliged. It was a really neat experience!

Saturday, we went to Rollende Keukens . It's pretty much food trucks in the park with live music spread throughout. It was amazing! My first selection was candied bacon ice cream. Need I say more? We also tried the "hot" wings. But, as expected, it was no hot chicken. It was, however, the hottest we've had outside of making it ourselves. And we split a rack of ribs between us. There was a Dutch drink there made from Rhubarb called Rabarcello . When in Rome, right? Here's Lee's face before and after. HaHa!

Gotta love him for trying!

Here's a tall picnic bench.

And a general view of the grounds before it got too crowded.

And here I am posing...

and us doing some kissy face. :)

Finally, Sunday was about some R & R. So we went to the open air concert at Vondelpark, and then had a picnic with the dogs at Rembrandt park. Lee got to grill and the dogs got to play for hours outside.


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