6 Great Tips For Being Productive When You're Traveling

6 Great Tips For Being Productive When You're Traveling

Traveling and working can be something that many find to be a stress. How do you remain productive, how do you get work done? Well, here are 6 tips to ensure you get as much completed as possible.

1) Use Boingo Hotspot

Boingo Hotspot is a universal tool for connecting to airport wifi networks. The number of facilities that are using this app is constantly growing; make sure you have it installed so you can make those hours spent in lounge areas as productive as possible.

2) Install Evernote

Evernote functions as a central clearinghouse for assignments and notes. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who needs help keeping my work organized. Evernote is a straightforward tool that's easy to use. It collects everything you work on and allows you to categorize it according to your needs.

3) Use Tripit

This time-saving app condenses all of your vital travel information into a centralized location. Don't waste time flipping back and forth between emails from your airline and your rental car agency; send all the vital details to Tripit. All you need to do is forward the confirmation email you get after making a travel booking and Tripit will track it for you.

coworking space

4) Look For Mobile Co-working Spaces

If you're starting to get sick of trying to work in an endless string of hotel rooms, consider joining a co-working space network like Copass. These services give you access to professional, high-quality workspaces in major cities all over the globe. Simply sliding behind a proper desk can make you feel a lot more productive, and these services make it easy to do that no matter where you travel.
Businesses such as Alternative Networks also are there to help people succeed in working when abroad and can even reduce international roaming costs by a fifth.

5) Plane Rides Are For Writing

A business flight presents you with a huge opportunity in the form of a few precious hours of time away from the constant distractions of your online life. Make the most of that time by concentrating on assignments that need writing work or composing vital emails. (I personally draft up emails and send them after I'm back on the ground.)

6) Car Rides Are For Calling

For any phone call that doesn't require you to have a computer or a document in front of you, a car ride is a perfect time to reach out and get in touch. This is especially productive if you're getting driven by someone else, but you can make business calls even if you're renting a car. Confirm with your rental agency that you're getting a model that has Bluetooth compatibility for hands-free calling.

Do you have other ways that you like to be productive? I'd love to hear from you!


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