20 Great Travel Blogs & Why You Should Read Them

20 Great Travel Blogs & Why You Should Read Them


Bonvoyageurs Screen Shot This site is awesome for travelers!! If you want to take a break, relax, and be free from stress just sit, take a click, and view awesome places to wander. You’ll be given vast choices such as luxury escapes, city breaks, and cruises. Whether you are planning for a family trip or business trip, visiting this site could help you greatly.

Make Time to See the World
Screenshot Make Time to See the World Blog

Make Time To See The World is a travel blog made up of the collective travel experiences of Vicki, a law graduate, and her chef partner, Gavin. They’ve been to more than thirty (30) countries around the world. You’ll have a glimpse of Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and USA. Some highlights of their travels include scuba diving, kayaking in Vietnam, bungee jumping, helicopter rides and more.

Surf and Sunshine

Surf And Sunshine Blog Screenshot

You can find everything on this site. May it be about travel, beauty, technology related topics, health and fitness, wedding, entertainment, social goods, and recipes, or more. You name it, they have it. Moreover, this blog will enlighten your thoughts when you lack family travel ideas, like the best family activities.You will have an easy time browsing or searching for perfect travel venues, beauty and health tips.

One Modern Couple
One Modern Couple Blog Screenshot

The traveling sweethearts Carolann & Macrae explore, write and share their experiences with travelers. Visiting their blog gives a fantastic view of wonderful places around the world. This couple really live their lives to the fullest. If you don’t know where to go, check out this blog for great travel ideas.

Just a Pack

Just a Pack Blog Screenshot

Who would know that traveling can also be very affordable? This blog will give you hints on how you could also have an inexpensive trip. This blog has so many places to choose from and there are several helpful travel guides that can boost your travel plans. Every inch of this travel blog will have you smiling brightly. Aside from affordable travel, the site also promotes responsible travel. You will not just enjoy, you will also be able to do great small act of kindness in places that you visit.


Nomadasaurus screen shot

Nomadasaurus.com is a blog site of an adventure travel addicted young couple named Alesha and Jarryd. They are Australians and have already been exploring the world’s wonders for more than six (6) years. If you are seeking great adventures and wanting to have one yourself, this travel blog would introduce you to that. This has list of varied promising adventures.

Travel Babbo
Travel Babbo Screen Shot

Travelbabbo.com is a blog that is centered on family travel and the best way to travel with kids. When you are planning to travel with your children, this travel blog is a great one to check out. The blogger, Eric Stoen has been to several countries. Child safety and having a child friendly environment are things that are considered in every place blogged about. It will inspire family travelers to keep their child’s protection and happiness in mind while also having fun at their holiday destination.

Land Lopers
Land Lopers Screen Shot

Experience the world through Matt Long’s blog. It’s the collection of what he has seen and learned. Varied tips on how to make your journey wonderful are given. Some of his travel suggestions, like what places are worthy to visit, can deeply guide travelers. He shows variety of foods in places he visited in terms of food trips! His narration on what food he chooses and what food tastes great will instantly make you crave for it. Detailed food trip indeed!

Roar Loud

Roar Loud Screen shot This blog is good for travelers who love adventures and unending activities. It gives great lists of possible activities that adventurous souls will surely enjoy. Biking, hiking and kayaking are just a few options. If it’s a family travel, these activities would help in creating good bond and family teamwork. Roar Loud travel blog also offers beneficial reviews. Whether you want exciting trip or just a solemn one, travel tips and hints could be learned here. Take a glimpse of the wonderful places in Africa, Europe, New England and the Caribbean.

Drifter Planet

Drifter Planet Screen Shot Sonal and her husband Sandro manage the drifter planet blog, which is a happy hippie travel blog. This site is for party goers and culture explorers or learners. This traveling couple give superb descriptions and narrations on their experiences on varied festivals that they’ve attended. If a family travel is planned and you want to witness a particular tradition in a spectacular place, driftedplanet.com will introduce you to varied awesome destinations, festivals and parties around the world.

Blue Sky Traveler

Blue Sky Traveler Screen shot Most travelers want to experience the best, the top most breathtaking places, savory foods, best accommodations and the likes. The Blue Sky Traveler blog brings the best of the bests through giving you the top categories of food, drinks, movies and others in a country or a particular city. The luxury in each country they’ve been and the people they meet are all documented.

Travel With Bender

Travel with Bender Screen Shot This is another great resource for family travel ideas. Travel with Bender blog is one of the ultimate guides for a happy, exciting travel with your family and kids. Starting from your photography gear, road trip, your family snacks issue, learning the things for the first time, luggage and other travel issues, you’ll be guided. There’s also provided product review for the gears that you might use during your family travel.

Learning Escapes
Learning Escapes screen shot

An Italian mom from Ireland started this travel blog, which is awesome for families. Learning about different cultures, visiting and traveling the world together with the family, and sharing the experiences with readers are the main objectives of this blog. There are several places and countries that you can view. Child friendly trip, reviews on gadgets, travel means, attractions and others are provided. This is a great family friendly travel blog.

Lili's Travel Plans

Lili's Travel Plans screen shot

A Belgian girl named Liesbeth will give you great travel stories and views. Awesome travel stories, great learning and splendid destinations await you. This travel blog will make you realize that indeed you need to take time traveling! Superb tips such as about accommodations, blogging and writing down everything, transportation, travel planning and most especially travel budgeting are carefully presented. You may become very jealous of this traveler who has experienced being in some of the most exciting parts of the world.

Passport and Plates

Passport and Plates Screen Shot

Who wouldn’t love eating right? And who wouldn’t love spending vacations in superb relaxing destinations? Every traveler would surely love to. This blog amazingly tours you to varied top spots and mouth watering foods worldwide. You’ll surely crave for the foods in this blog’s “Enticing Eats!”

All Over the Map

All Over the Map Screen Shot

The travel blog made for family travel. This blog site can help you if you want to have a family trip during holidays yet you can’t find time to do even just simple planning. Excellent travel tips including planning, budgeting, eating, sleeping on the road, choices of books and movies while on travel, etc. are given in detail. It’s a complete package travel blog site.

Nomadic Boys
Nomadic Boys Screen Shot

Nomadic Boys is a compiled travel experience of a gay couple, Sebastian and Stefan. This blog gives tip about great gay friendly hotels as well as the best clubs and bars can. The couple also includes vital reviews on hotels, food, travel gear and more.

Goats on the Road

 Goats on the Road screen shot

Explore and witness how wonderful the world is through the travel stories and compilation of the Goats, Dariece and Nick, a Canadian couple. Their journey throughout the world will inspire you to travel and try everything. This blog will serve as your guide if you want to travel and you don’t know how much it will cost to travel in a certain country or place. The couple has included their very helpful travel expenses calculation.

The Next Somewhere

The Next Somewhere Screen Shot

The Next to Somewhere blog is owned by Izzy Pulido, a girl from the Philippines who migrated to the US. This blog is very different from any of the other travel blogs. It doesn’t just give a glimpse of wonderful place. It fully gives the story behind the blogger’s experience, her life from the start and how she’s living her dream now. She’s not the type of traveler that just stays for about a week in a country. She's living the life and experiencing what it is like to live in places like Vietnam and Korea. Try to view her journals if you want to fully understand and have a great look on what particular type of life is offered in a country. The travel destinations might be limited but the information it gives is superb.

It's a Lovely Life

It's a Lovely Life Screen Shot

It’s a Lovely Life blog is a family oriented blog site managed by Heather, a home-based working mom with three children and a patient husband. This travel blog is not just a family travel site but also a combination of several important topics centered on family such as DIY house decors, being gadget wise, family on fitness matters, family time and the likes. This blog will enable you to reflect about life and living the best of it through traveling with your family.


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